Linden Park Apartments



A partnership between Somerset Memorial Partners and  Memorial Apartments Corporation (MAC), the original non-profit owner of  the Memorial Apartments, purchased this senior high-rise apartment  building in April 2014 and began a major renovation project to preserve  266 units of affordable housing. With total development costs of $54  million and a $25 million construction budget, the community has been  transformed into a state-of-the-art senior apartment facility in a prime  location in the historic Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. The  neighborhood dates to the 1860’s and is one of Baltimore’s most stable,  with consistently high property values and rates of homeownership.  Memorial, located within half a mile of the Upton and State Center Metro  Stations and on regional bus routes, is within walking distance of many  of the City’s services and amenities. A grocery store, pharmacy and  hardware store are across the street. There is a lovely, secluded garden  on the south side of the site.

Memorial Apartments has been renamed Linden Park Apartments in  recognition of the park-like setting and the original street that ran  through what is now an apartment building with three wings on the  original 3.6 acre site. Memorial Apartments, originally built in 1967,  was one of the earliest HUD 202-financed projects in the country and  provided apartment living for seniors 62 years and older. The building  was governed by a board of community residents and members of the  Memorial Episcopal Church, which was the project’s initial sponsor. The  church was given 3.6 acres which were a part of the Madison – Park South  Urban Renewal Plan (1966).

As part of the renovations, Linden Park had all of its core  infrastructure systems upgraded to provide highly efficient central  heating and cooling systems, new windows, new domestic plumbing, and new  elevators. The community boasts all new apartment interiors with energy  efficient appliances and water saving devices; new laundry facilities  and lounges on every floor; new community gardens and landscaping; new  security systems and lighting, and Universal Design Standards throughout  the building all of which have significantly improved the quality of  life for the residents. Additional amenities include a new catering  kitchen, game room, computer lab, fitness room, wellness center, hair  salon, and a solarium over-looking the gardens. A robust set of services  is being offered to enhance the senior living experience and to  encourage aging-in-place, an enormous benefit not only to the residents  but the neighborhood and the entire Baltimore community.

As a part of the redevelopment of the site, the development team  subdivided the lot to provide for the development of a new apartment  building with approximately 60-65 units of market-rate housing at the  corner of Eutaw Place and McMechen Streets. MAC used the proceeds from  the sale of the Eutaw Place parcel to provide additional funding to the  redevelopment of Memorial Apartments. The development of this site, with  the preservation of 266 affordable senior units and the new market rate  apartments, fulfills the vision of the HUD Choice Neighborhoods to  enhancing the development of this intersection by tying Bolton Hill and  Eutaw Place together, as a vibrant, mixed-income neighborhood.

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